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Feeds For piglets, swines

For piglets, swines

The key nutrients such as proteins, fats, amino acids, trace and macro elements, vitamins, metabolisable energy and other indicators are balanced in the compound feeds for pigs.

It is recommended to give animals feed of different nutritional value in each period. Feeding animals with comprehensive compound feed allows full exploitation of their genetic potential for production, improves animal health and reproduction. Growing pigs need various quantities of nutrients, therefore it is necessary to change the compound feed (ration) nutrition for the production of pigs for slaughter during the fattening period.

Duration of pig fattening, pork quality and cost highly depend on the composition of the diet, the quality of raw materials and a variety of supplements they contain. Depending on the intensity of pig production we make fattening feed for several different periods:


Balanced complete feed for piglets:

  • Pre-starter (0-7 kg)
  • Starter (7-30 kg)